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We implement new products, patterns, and obtain new certificates. We are implementing new investments, allowing for the development of a modern distribution center and increasing production capacity.

Greenhouses and garden accessories

Safe surfaces

Loft ladders

Wooden playhouses for children

Accessories for playgrounds

Metal playgrounds

For years, we have been operating in accordance with the standards regarding the quality and safety of production as well as the transparency of the origin of the raw material – which is ensured by the certification of the supply chain in the wood and paper industry. Our company has received one of the most important certificates in the industry- FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council). Following the FSC® guidelines allows timber to be harvested without affecting the biological resources and structure of forests. The FSC® certification is also a way to express support for this type of initiatives and to promote pro-ecological attitudes among domestic and foreign clients of the Company.

We sell in B2B, B2C and DIY channels.



More about our products

FSC® Certificate

The vast majority of our products are made of FSC®-certified wood.

EN requirements

Our wood houses and playgrounds for children meet all necessary standards and restrictions.

CE Certificate

Most of our products bear the CE mark.